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Ananda Hemp: A Review of Their Practices & Products

What are Ananda Hemp Tinctures?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has boomed in popularity, and more people than ever are trying out and discovering the benefits of that special compound. To meet the growing demand, new suppliers are popping up all the time. All of them claim to be the best in the market. Some are mediocre or worse, of course, but even assuming that they are universally good, only a few can be the best of the bunch.

How can consumers know which of these manufacturers are truly great? How can the curious choose the best one for their first taste of CBD? Checking out reviews from both professionals and average customers can be a great start. For your convenience, we at Hemp House Wellness offer our own thoughts in this illuminating guide into the Kentucky-based CBD business Ananda Hemp.

What is Ananda Hemp?

To understand Ananda Hemp, you must first understand their parent company. Ecofibre Ltd is a biotechnology company headquartered in Australia. The company specializes in hemp — so much so that they are known for owning the largest private seed bank for cannabis variants on the planet Ecofibre creates so many different products based on the herb and its chemistry that they set up four distinct businesses to handle different aspects. Ananda Hemp is the subsidiary that focuses on providing customers with hemp-derived CBD products and other oils.

One noteworthy aspect is that despite their origin in Australia, Ecofibre has a long reach extending to the American heartland. With certification from the UN Single Convention, they work exclusively with hemp farmers in Kentucky, who cultivate the crop for mass production of Ananda items. In fact, Brian Furnish, the company’s president of global production, is an eighth-generation tobacco farmer and a native of the state.

Another noteworthy aspect is they are active in lobbying for US legislation favoring hemp farmers and the creators of hemp-derived products. They played a major role in passing the 2004 and 2014 US Farm Bill. Furnish became the first licensed hemp farmer in the country. Ananda Hemp became the first company to legally import hemp seeds, and every step of cultivation is in compliance with the US Farm Bill of 2014.

The Quality of the Hemp

The name of the brand is derived from Hinduism: ananda is the pure and unending happiness one experiences when reuniting with the Hindu godhead. With a title that lofty and weighted, Ananda Hemp’s products must hope their products are exceptional enough to warrant the heavenly association. As one of the rare companies that oversee every part of the hemp production process, Ecofibre is in a unique position for quality control. All evidence seems to show that they do everything they can.

For starters, they grow the herbs intended for oil production in the rich soil of Kentucky. With his unique connections to the area, Furnish handpicks local farming families to grow and harvest the product. Every single plant grows outdoors, receiving sunlight and rain rather than heat from lamps and water from the tap. These practices ensure that the hemp plants grow healthy, strong, and ready to be turned into effective products.

From the planting of the seeds to the final approval of the products, the herbs remain completely organic. The farmers do not spray them with herbicides or pesticides, trusting in the famed hardiness of the crop. The chemists certainly do not use GMOs, chemicals known to be harmful, or even sugar and artificial flavorings. The ingredients used to complement and boost the effect of the products are just as organic. These additives include medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, which is found in coconuts, and cold-pressed hemp seed oil, which naturally supplements the CBD.

Finally, their standards for quality apply just as much to the finished products as the plants from which they are derived. Every single one of them is tested three times by certified third-party laboratories. The first test is to see if it meets their potency standards, the second to locate any contaminants, and the last time for overall quality. In a market full of suppliers who are less than reputable in their means, Ananda Hemp stands out as professional and trustworthy.

Are the Actual Products Effective?

Ananda Hemp offers a diverse array of products, and many of them feature CBD as a key ingredient. You should not mistake this to mean that they exclude everything else. In fact, most of their CBD products are full-spectrum, meaning their formulas incorporate every other cannabinoid from the hemp plant (in varying amounts). Due to the lack of artificial flavorings and colorings, they taste rather strongly of hemp and look about as brown as the plant’s oil does during extraction. This should not be a problem for tinctures, which only really require a few drops for the effects to kick in.

On that note: even within this category, customers can find different products with different dosages of CBD and other cannabinoids. As a result, the experience of using an Ananda Hemp CBD product, such as a tincture, is as impactful as you want it to be. The oils offer a wide variation in concentrations, a full spectrum in its own way. People who prefer to take it easy and people who enjoy getting as much as they can will both be satisfied.

Ananda Hemp at Hemp House Wellness

Anyone in the know may not be surprised by our positive review, given that Ananda Hemp maintains a sterling reputation. Their commitment to quality shows in their products, including the ones that appeal to CBD enthusiasts. You can feel safe in trying out their products, and odds are high that you would join the manufacturer’s many fans.

If you are interested in giving Ananda Hemp a shot or already enjoy their products, you can find some of their top-notch tinctures right here at Hemp House Wellness. We only choose the best CBD products from the best manufacturers. Feel free to explore the rest of our selection as well and place an order today.

Anyone interested in sharing their own experience with Ananda Hemp’s CBD products is more than welcome to leave a comment!

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