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Unique CBD-Infused Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

The holiday season not quite here yet, but it is definitely close and it will hit before you know it. You do not want to find yourself scrambling to get something halfway decent for loved ones who deserve more. Instead, you should start brainstorming some ideas for thoughtful and unique gifts that they might deeply appreciate.

For example, if you know someone who uses CBD, you do not just have to get them more of what they already know and like. Even long-time users can have a whole new experience if they try something different. This holiday season, you can give them that opportunity. Here are some unique CBD products that make great gifts — for the holidays and for any other special occasion.

CBD Coffees and Teas

CBD Coffee

Many people all over the world start their day with a refreshing cup of coffee, or take a break with a pleasant cup of tea. Some great minds realized that they could make coffees and teas even more refreshing and pleasant with the addition of water-soluble CBD. These blends provide all the effects of both the beverage and the CBD. If you know someone who enjoys both, you can combine their faves with a single gift.

CBD Chocolates and Candies

CBD Chocolate

Speaking of flavor, who does not love getting some chocolates and candies now and then — especially as presents? Sweets taste even better when it is free, and it can feel even better if it contains CBD. Cannabidiol candies mix sugary taste with organic hemp, and the compounds can easily enter your bloodstream after ingestion. Anyone allergic to or simply disinterested in chocolate can go for CBD-infused lollipops, which may come in different fruity flavors and can have just as much effect.

Sleep Aid CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

Sugary candies can keep people up all night. Thankfully, some snacks are great for winding down, especially when combined with the relaxing effects of CBD. Proleve offers gummies for that exact purpose, in their line of CBD Infused Fruit Chews. Each pack comes with a bunch of slices in an assortment of flavors, all mixed with pure hemp extract. They are also organic, gluten-free, and perfectly vegan — not bad for candy.

Bonus Idea: CBD Snack Smorgasbord

The only thing better than a pack of goodies is an entire basket of goodies. If a single packet of coffee grinds or a single bar of chocolate do not seem like enough, you could always go above and gift someone a bunch of CBD snacks. These may include coffee, tea, chocolate, chill pops, gummies, and even honey.

CBD Bath Products

CBD Bath Bomb

Taking a bath should be soothing, and plenty of users claim that CBD has a relaxing effect. It is no logical leap to assume that CBD bath products can create an extremely comfortable bathing experience. As with the coffees and teas, these items utilize water-soluble forms of CBD, as well as essential oils. Plunk a bath bomb in the water, add some bath soak, or lather yourself with hemp-infused soap. Either way, you can fully immerse yourself in CBD, in ways that you could not with other types of CBD products. It gets even better if you line the tub with some aromatherapy candles — CBD-infused ones, of course.

CBD Beauty Products

Another novel way to feel the effects of CBD is to apply special beauty products with the ingredient. In fact, it can actually enhance the effectiveness of certain products. Lip balms can be optimized with the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol isolate and hemp seed oil. Period salves made with hemp derivatives can massage the muscles and reduce the pain. Wearing a sleep mask with a sprinkle of isolate powder can provide astounding overnight skincare.

Bonus Idea: “CBD Spa” Gift Basket

CBD bath and beauty products can help a person take a load off. If you know someone who really deserves and needs some rest and relaxation, why stop at just one small gift? Treat them to a whole gift basket full of bath and beauty items, including bath bombs, soaps, candles, and lip balms — all containing CBD. They might be too blown away to react when they get it, and they might be too relaxed to tell you anything when they use it. If you do not hear back from them right away, then you will know you did right by them.

CBD Crumbles

One of the most popular methods for getting CBD into one’s system is vaping. Enthusiasts are always looking for top-notch infusers and concentrates that can put a pep in their step. For a real holiday surprise, you can knock the socks off of your vaping buddies with CBD crumbles. These concentrates can be far more potent than the norm. This means that their effects can be felt practically in an instant after vaporization and inhalation. Of course, crumbles can be taken in ways other than vaping: sublingual absorption, mixing them with food, or dabbing. Find some that come in your friend’s favorite flavor.

CBD Tinctures

Wellness oil drops and tinctures are another highly popular method of CBD intake. With these, you do not need a vaporizer — you simply drip some of the tincture into a drink or even under your tongue. Only a few drops of a hemp elixir are needed to feel the effects and receive the health benefits. That means each bottle packs a lot of punch, and your loved one would get more bang for your buck. CBD tinctures are a great example of a gift that keeps on giving.

Bonus Gift Idea: CBD Stocking Stuffers

Smaller CBD products are typically cheaper, which means you can get more of them for more people. They can serve as great stocking stuffers, especially as gifts for more casual users who do not use them often. Drop a baggie with a crumble or two into their stocking, or perhaps a fun-size tincture. Small packages like these can bring a great deal of fun on a holiday, and your friends and loved ones will appreciate your generosity.

No matter what you get, it is the thought that counts. With that said, the more thought you put into your gift ideas, the better chance you have of getting something that delights your favorite people. Hemp House Wellness offers all the CBD products listed in this article, as well as many more unique items. Look through our “Shop by Need” section for inspiration and get something special for the CBD fans in your life.

If you have your own unique idea for a CBD holiday gift, be generous and share it by leaving a comment for all to see!

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