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4 CBD Coffee Brands to Wake You Up & Keep You Calm

As CBD skyrockets in popularity, coffee shops across the country are jumping on the bandwagon by serving CBD lattes to its patrons. But you don’t have to visit a coffee shop to get your fix of the hemp-extract-filled drink – there’s a wide variety of CBD coffee brands available for you to buy and use at home to make your own CBD coffee. Whether you’re looking for a strong Colombian blend or a convenient cold brew, there’s a CBD-infused coffee that’ll get you energized and ready to tackle the day ahead. So, let’s dive right into the details of CBD and coffee and what the best options are for your morning cup.

How Does CBD and Coffee Work?

There are two main ways that CBD coffee is made: either by adding CBD oil to coffee that’s already been made or by infusing coffee beans with CBD. But, how exactly do CBD and coffee work together?

For most people, coffee on its own can boost your energy and alertness because of its caffeine levels. But CBD has become popularized for its ability to calm you down (among other benefits), which sounds counterproductive when coupled with an energy booster like coffee. However, CBD doesn’t seem to counteract the effects of coffee – in fact, it’s been found to improve and stabilize those energy-boosting effects by reducing jitters and prolonging peaceful alertness.

But, how does CBD work? To explain it simply, CBD is a “cannabinoid,” which is a compound that is both made in the body naturally and is found in cannabis plants. These compounds attach to receptors in the brain, possibly affecting how we deal with pain, emotions, mood, appetite, and inflammation. Research into exactly how beneficial CBD can be is still in its early stages, but there are promising results so far. Here are just a few of the benefits that have been reported about CBD:

  • Anti-anxiety & depression
  • Anti-epileptic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pain relief

For someone who suffers from the anxiety that’s made worse by coffee, CBD coffee may be the perfect middle-ground for an energy boost that isn’t overbearing. But, there are a few things to keep in mind before trying CBD coffee, so let’s dive in deeper.

What to Know Before Trying CBD Coffee: Pros & Cons

Pro: CBD can counteract the negative side effects of coffee.

With the addition of CBD into your coffee, you may feel alert without the negative side effects of coffee – usually including jitters, headaches or anxiety. The effects of the CBD actually seem to counteract this by maintaining a calm feeling while also supporting caffeine’s added alertness.

Pro: It’s a convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD.

Whether you’re putting a few drops into your morning cup of joe, or you’re brewing coffee already infused with CBD, using coffee as a conduit for your daily CBD intake can be a much more convenient and pleasant experience than taking the oil directly.

Con: The taste of CBD oil/extract may be off-putting.

This will depend on how much CBD is in your drink, and how much extra sweeteners, creamer and flavors your drink has. But it should be known that some CBD coffee drinkers report that they can taste the added CBD and describe is as tasting plant-like. If you’re adding CBD oil to your coffee, you may also feel the oily texture in the drink (which could be off-putting to some).

Con: It’s not hard to take more CBD than you should.

Keep track of how much CBD is in the coffee you’re drinking, because too much CBD within a short period of time may manifest in unwanted side effects (drowsiness or headaches). Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so a dose that’s perfectly normal for one person may be way too much for you – play with the amount of CBD in your drink and find out what works for your body.

Top 4 Best CBD Coffee Brands

1. Steep Fuze Coffee

Steepfuze CBD Coffee

Roasted and infused in Boulder, Colorado, SteepFuze Coffee makes small-batch gourmet is a full-spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) extract hemp-infused coffee that comes in a variety of roasts, blends, and CBD doses. No matter what time of day you like to drink a fresh cup of coffee, we've got the perfect blend for you available right here at Hemp House Wellness. 

Do you wake up with aches and pains? Feel like a brand new person by the end of your cup. SteepFuze roasts whole coffee beans in small batches to control the quality. The whole bean infusion means the coffee stays fresher than pre-ground brews, and that the consumers’ brew method is not limited by the grind of the premixed coffee. This means it tastes fantastic whether it's hot or cold brewed.

SteepFuze includes medium-dark roasted whole bean blends. If you're not into coffee there are also perfectly blended teas.

2. Flower Power Coffee Co.

Flower Power Coffee

Arguably one of the most popular brands of CBD infused coffee, Flower Power Coffee Co. is what you’ll likely see in most coffee shops serving CBD drinks. Flower Power Coffee Co. currently sells five different blends, including New York House Blend, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Costa Rican, Big Island Joe and Early Morning Beignet. All of their blends are available in 60mg CBD concentrations, which comes out to be about 6mg of CBD per cup of coffee.

Cons: Some people have said that you only get 3/4 mugs per packet which can get quite expensive over time.

3. Green Roads Coffee

Green Roads CBD Coffee

If you’re looking for CBD coffee with sweet notes and caramel aroma, then Green Roads Coffee may be your choice. Green Roads makes lab-tested CBD-infused ground coffee that comes directly from southern Colombia and is formulated by an in-house licensed compound pharmacist. There are three variants of their infused Excelso Colombian Supremo ground coffee: their 2 oz package contains 60mg of CBD, their 80 oz contains 250mg, and their 16 oz contains 500mg (about 30mg of CBD per serving of coffee).

Cons: All of their products are made using a broad-spectrum distillation process, rather than full-spectrum; this provides a product with 0% THC but this removes more from the hemp than just CBD, but this is a matter of preference.

4. Mary Joe CBD Cold Brew

MJ Cold Brew CBD Coffee

If you’re more of a cold brew coffee drinker than a hot one, don’t worry – CBD cold brew coffee exists too. One of the best CBD cold brew coffees is from a brand called Mary Joe, made from organic coffee grounds, hemp-extracted CBD and filtered water. Each bottle is a single serving, containing 7 fluid ounces of cold brew coffee with 15mg of CBD extract.

 Cons: This cold brew brand is pricey at $8 for a 7 oz bottle. Why spend that when you can make your own at home and get more for less money?


Whether you like your coffee hot, cold, sweet or bold, there’s a CBD coffee brand that’s right for you. Like all other CBD products, it’s always a good idea to test out different dosages to find out what’s best for your body’s specific chemistry. It’s also important to consume only the highest quality CBD products, which is why Hemp House Wellness stocks the best CBD coffees and teas for your drinking pleasure.



Date 7/2/2020

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Date 1/5/2022

You NEED to review Buddha Beans Coffee It is by far the best CBD coffee on the market!

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