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Cannuka | Cleansing Body Bar

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The rich, full lather of this luxurious body bar leaves you feeling refreshed and pampered. Surprisingly soft, Cannuka's substantial hand-cut Cleansing Body Bar lathers instantly and results in clean, conditioned, smooth-as-silk skin. Use every day for an indulgent, hydrating bathing experience.

The antioxidant, anti-bacterial, antimicrobial factors in our Body Bar are a critical foundation and first step to an optimal skin care regimen. We also take advantage of black pepper essential oil to help delay the effects of aging while sunflower oil provides a refreshed feel. Coconut oil and grapefruit oil leave skin soft, smooth, and conditioned.

· 50mg Cannabis + Activated 16+ Manuka Honey per 7oz bar
· THC Free

Ingredients: Spring Water, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Palm Oil, Hemp Oil, Castor Oil, Essential Oil Blend (Tea Tree & Black Pepper), Cocoa Butter, Manuka Honey (Active 16+), Shea Butter, High Oleic Sunflower, CBD Isolate (50mg)

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