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8 Benefits of CBD Ground Coffee for Your Health

Not anymore because getting your daily dose of CBD is as easy as drinking your morning cup of joe. CBD ground coffee is the ideal way to get your morning boost. It offers all of the benefits of caffeine with none of the side effects.

Plus, the added CBD offers benefits of its own. After drinking CBD coffee, you'll feel more relaxed, focused, and in a better mood. 

Sound too good to be true? Then you've got to check out this guide to the top eight benefits of CBD coffee. 

1. CBD Coffee Gives You a Morning Boost

The most obvious benefit of drinking CBD coffee is that it gives you a morning boost. The caffeine from the coffee combined with the proper CBD dosage will give you the alertness you need in the morning. 

2. Higher Doses of CBD Reduces the Coffee Jitters

Like many natural and synthetic drugs, the benefits of CBD are dose-dependent. That means you'll feel differently if you take a lot of CBD than you would if you take a little CBD. 

At high doses, CBD has sedative effects. People report feeling calm and relaxed after using large amounts of CBD. Yet, using high doses of CBD may cause side effects like tiredness, so stick to smaller amounts during the day.

You drink coffee to wake you up. Though you may want CBD to help reduce the jitters and other side effects, you don't want to cancel out coffee's effects entirely. Stick with higher doses of CBD or choose a CBD ground coffee brand that comes pre-dosed for you.

3. CBD Coffee Improves Focus

Have a big exam coming up? Brew yourself a cup of CBD coffee to boost your focus. 

It's not just the caffeine in coffee that improves your attention span. Research shows that CBD can enhance response times and improve your reflexes. 

4. Low Doses of CBD Coffee Are Highly Stimulating

Remember how we talked about CBD's benefits being dose-dependent? Then you may be wondering this: how does CBD affect the body when taken in low doses?

We're glad you asked. Mixing up high and low-dose CBD benefits can mean the difference between a good CBD coffee experience and a bad one. That's because low doses of CBD are known to be stimulating.

Coffee is also a stimulant. If you take your coffee with low doses of CBD, you may think you're optimizing your cup of joe. But that's where you're wrong—you're actually increasing your chances of feeling jittery and anxious.

5. CBD Coffee Won't Make You Feel High

CBD coffee may provide a ton of effects, but getting high isn't one of them. How is that possible? Unlike fellow-cannabinoid THC, CBD is completely non-intoxicating and is actually known to decrease the high associated with regular cannabis use.

6. CBD and Coffee Will Lift Your Mood

If a cup of regular coffee makes you smile, you're really going to love CBD coffee. One of the most well-studied benefits of CBD is its impact on inflammation. Inflammation is associated with mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

CBD may reduce inflammation in the body and brain. Not only does this help with pain relief, but reductions in inflammation can also improve your mood. Adding a little caffeine into the mix will only elevate your mood further. 

7. Ingesting CBD Provides Longer-Lasting Effects

There are multiple ways to use CBD, from smoking it to eating it and everything in between. Depending on how you take CBD, it will act more or less quickly. How you take your CBD also determines how long it lasts and the dose you need for full effect.

For example, ingesting CBD takes longer to take effect than other routes. You often need larger doses to feel the same effects as, say, using CBD sublingually. But the good news is taking CBD with food or drinks means the benefits will last longer.

When you drink CBD with your coffee, the active components get absorbed into your gut. They pass through the liver before being re-directed to the bloodstream. This process can take a while, which is why you'll feel the effects of CBD coffee all day. 

8. CBD Helps Combat Negative Side Effects of Coffee

Caffeine is the active ingredient in coffee. It's what makes you feel ready to conquer a day on the job after drinking a few cups. But caffeine is also responsible for the jitters and other side effects of coffee.

Other caffeine side effects include:

  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Anxiety
  • Dependency

The good news is CBD counteracts these side effects. CBD is known to help you relax and relieve pain, great for combatting the first four side effects of caffeine. There's also some evidence that CBD may reduce the risk of addiction to compounds like caffeine.

Where to Find the Best CBD Ground Coffee

CBD ground coffee is an excellent morning choice for those who want the boost of caffeine without any of the jitters that come with it. The sedative-like effects of CBD at higher doses will make you feel calm, relaxed, and focused all day long.

Are you searching for high-quality pre-dosed CBD coffee to add to your wellness routine? You've come to the right place. Browse our CBD coffees and teas to banish your caffeine anxiety for good!

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